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Keep your carpets looking new by immediately cleaning spills, putting mats/rugs in high-traffic areas, & investing in routine pro cleaning.
Purchasing an electric vehicle? While you can charge its battery by plugging into a wall outlet, you may need to add an additional breaker.
Insulate your pipes to reduce heat loss as hot water flows to your faucet and standby heat loss when the tap is turned off and on later.
Sending your kids to summer camp? If it offers water activities, make sure it has trained lifeguards who are prepared to respond to trouble.
A duct cleaning service should always be preceded by a thorough inspection of your HVAC system to make sure it’s operating properly.
You can lower your heating and cooling costs by 20 percent simply by sealing seams in your ductwork or wrapping them in insulation.
Create a prioritized list for your roofing project. Category 1: essential items. Cat. 2: items included in final design. Cat. 3: extra items
Be careful when using throw rugs with rubber/vinyl backing on your hardwood floor
To ensure quality and timely completion on a remodel, set up a payment schedule that gives you financial leverage throughout the process.
If you’re moving an electronic system that has complicated wiring, take a picture of the set-up, print it and attach it to the moving box.